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I Think I’m Pregnant: What Should I Do First?

If you are sexually active, getting pregnant is always a possibility. But even so, discovering you are pregnant can be a surprise. If you find out you are pregnant unexpectedly, you might not know what to do next.

If you live in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, area, before taking any action, the first thing you should do is come to Open Arms Real Choices Clinic in Hayden and complete no-cost pregnancy testing. Our tests are medical lab-quality – not the type you buy in the drugstore. Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, you and one of the counselors at Open Arms can discuss your next step. 

We know that discovering an unplanned pregnancy can be stressful, and you might be unable to think clearly. That is all the more reason to avoid making any hurried decisions. You have some time to decide what to do. More importantly, whatever you choose will affect you and your unborn child for years to come, so it is essential to take time to examine and reflect on your thoughts and feelings. At Open Arms, we can provide access to various services, including medical treatment and counseling.

Get a Lab-quality Pregnancy Test

Although most over-the-counter pregnancy tests claim to be 99% accurate, that figure only applies when the test packet is uncompromised, and the test is taken strictly according to the instructions. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen. For example, you might have followed the instructions incorrectly, used an expired test, or used a test that has been improperly stored. If you want to be sure, visit the clinic for a medical-grade pregnancy test. We can also let you know how far along you are, and we can refer you to reputable doctors.

Get Counseling  

Once you know you’re pregnant, you’ll have to decide what comes next. A good counselor can explain all of your options to you. If your situation is stable and you want to meet this new life challenge with optimism, our counselors can show you ways to keep your child and raise it with the help of your family and friends and the support of your community.

However, you can also consider placing your baby with an adoptive family if you cannot take care of the baby yourself. You should know that you always have a say when it comes to adoption. For example, you can decide whether you’d like any contact with your child after it has been adopted, and you can even choose the adoptive parents.

Find the Support You Need 

Women who want to keep a child will need a lot of support. First, decide whether you would like the biological father to be involved. If you feel it would be safe for you and your child, contact him and tell him about your pregnancy. We offer counseling and support for fathers, as well. Additionally, you might have family and friends who are willing to help. 

At the clinic, we can connect you to others in a similar situation so you can exchange ideas and support each other. Moreover, we can show you what resources you’re eligible for. Some single mothers are eligible for benefits, and some charities can help if you’re struggling financially.

Join a Life Skills Class at the Coeur d’Alene Pregnancy Center

Living with your partner, juggling your pregnancy with other commitments like school or work, and caring for a newborn can be a struggle. Still, many young women find that it is an enriching experience that is well worth the effort. We’ve developed life skills classes for men and women to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to manage their new responsibilities successfully. These classes teach you how to identify and defeat problems, how to communicate well in all of your relationships, and how to overcome the challenges related to new parenthood.

Getting pregnant unexpectedly can be scary, but there are people in your community ready to help. At your Open Arms pregnancy resource center, you can get a free, lab-quality pregnancy test, counseling, and support. There are also life skills classes that can help you cope with all aspects of having a baby. Call us at Open Arms Real Choices Clinic and book your appointment today.

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