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We help you overcome obstacles that stand in the way of becoming the best you can be. Strengthen your relationships and learn how to face the countless challenges that come with life.

Relationships are foundational to each of our lives.

Making friends, being a co-worker or partner, parenting and being parented — all these vital interactions rely upon one’s relational skill sets. The ability to develop meaningful relationships and interact in healthy ways has a significant impact on us and our community. The need to connect, to feel affirmed, and to be valued, respected, and loved is a vital part of the human experience.

The Healthy Relationship Education program is provided by Open Arms Real Choices Clinic. It offers presentations to teens from 8th grade through adulthood that focus on relational health. The REAL Essentials Advanced curriculum we use is specifically designed to help teens learn the foundational skills they will need to develop healthy relationships in their lives. Strong relationship skills help us to communicate effectively, resolve conflict constructively and build lasting trust. Our curriculum consists of engaging, powerful, research-based, and evidence-informed lessons to set teens on a course toward optimal health.

The lessons are science based, activity oriented, and presented with a trauma-informed approach. Focusing on such questions as: Who am I? What are cultural roles vs. what is rooted in biology? What does intimacy look like? What is my personal voice and how and when do I use it in a relationship?

Our presenters are Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialists (SRAS) certified through the Ascend program and operate under the guidance of a Community Health Nurse.

Presentations can be tailored to the demographic or need of a group. They can be provided on site (school, church, or community space) or in the Open Arms RCC community rooms. The Healthy Relationships Education program is provided free of charge to our community.

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“This was really great and stuff I hadn’t heard before.
Worth the time to come.”

Quote from a 15 year old participant in OA Healthy Relationships Education presentation

It (the class) really helped me think about sex not being at the beginning of a relationship but the end of a committed healthy one instead.”

Quote from a 16 year old participant in OA Healthy Relationships Education presentation
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