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Could My Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

If you suspect you may be pregnant, one of the first things you are likely to do is to run out to the drug store and purchase a home pregnancy test. But how reliable is that test? If it comes back negative, does it definitely mean that you are not pregnant? What if it comes back positive?

This scenario is played out frequently. For all women, whether they are hoping for a positive or hoping for a negative, there is a part of you that is doubtful, no matter what the result of the test is. So how do you find out for sure?

Let’s start with the reliability of home pregnancy tests. For the most part, they are very accurate; they are generally regarded as 99% accurate. However, that is not the end of the story. The results can be affected by several factors: 

  • How early you take the test: if you take the test before the first day you miss your period, it is less likely to be accurate. This is because the home pregnancy test works by detecting the presence of HCG, the “pregnancy hormone”. If your body has not produced enough of this hormone at this time, the test may show a negative result when you are pregnant.
  • Not taking the test correctly: it is important to follow the instructions carefully to get an accurate result. Checking the results too soon, checking them too late, or using diluted urine could affect the results you see on the test.
  • If you did get pregnant, but the pregnancy did not implant properly or there are other problems, you may get a positive result even if you are no longer pregnant. You will also get a positive result if you have an ectopic pregnancy, even though the pregnancy is not viable.

Pregnancy Testing With an Ultrasound

As stated above, even though home pregnancy tests are generally reliable, chances are, you want confirmation no matter what result you get. At Open Arms Real Choices Clinic, you can obtain professional care, including a no-cost medical-grade pregnancy test. If that shows positive, you can further confirm if you have a viable pregnancy with 100% accuracy with a no-cost limited obstetric ultrasound.

Ultrasounds are perhaps the best method of confirming pregnancy because they do not rely just on chemical detection; instead, the ultrasound gives visual confirmation. Further, the ultrasound can determine whether the pregnancy is viable – that it is not ectopic and that the fetus has properly implanted in the uterus. Even more, the ultrasound will indicate how far along the pregnancy is with great accuracy, and a qualified doctor can make other observations about your health and the health of your baby. And because these procedures are at no cost, you can attend your appointment without having to worry about your financial situation.

Help for an Unplanned Pregnancy in Coeur d’Alene

Women who have unplanned pregnancies can feel a bit alone and even scared, but there are professionals standing by who are ready to help. At the Open Arms clinic, we can discuss your options with you, and provide you with any information you need about how these options work. We encourage our clients to consider parenting and we can help prepare both mothers and fathers with life skills courses, and with practical support like baby supplies. If parenting is simply not feasible, we also offer adoption support.

The important thing is to think carefully about what is the best choice for you. You have some time, so do not let yourself be pressured into deciding before you are ready. This is a big decision, and you will need to consider both the short-term as well as long-term effects, and you want to be sure you are completely comfortable with whatever decision you make. While we are ready to support you, also give some thought to whether your family and friends could support you during the pregnancy and after the baby is born. If you need someone to talk to, consider booking an appointment with our team who can go through your options with you and give you personalized advice.

If you’ve taken a home pregnancy test and do not feel confident about the result, don’t wait and worry about whether you can rely on the test. Come into our clinic and obtain confirmation from a specialist, then talk to a trusted team member who can show you what your options are. Get in touch with us at Open Arms Real Choices Clinic today and book your appointment to speak to one of our counselors.

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