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Learning Along Community

Learning alongside others is not only helpful, but also encouraging as we learn that we are not alone.  At Open Arms we encourage learning in community, so we offer a variety of workshops and groups.  See our calendar of events and website to learn of upcoming workshops.  For those which require a fee, inquire about scholarships. Others are no cost workshops.

Growing Inner Grit and Resilience

  • presented by www.healmindheart.com
  • a program dedicated to bringing support during mental and emotional fatigue, stress, anxiety and fear.
  • learn tools to life and strengthen your personal grit and resilience.
  • $99 fee includes workbook, journal, pen, bag, and snacks.
  • 8 -10 weeks.

Vessels of Imperfection

  • presented by www.soulfulart.studio
  • our human frames are like vessels of clay. We all have cracks and imperfections.  What if the broken imperfect things are intended to help us see more clearly, hear more intently, and grow in beauty?
  • this workshop gives the opportunity to choose a unique vessel, break it, remake it, and discover the beauty that can come from the gift of imperfections.
  • $85 fee includes vessels, paints, jewels, other supplies, and resin finishing.
  • 2-hour event

Forgiven and Set Free

  • post abortion support, presented by Open Arms
  • no matter what influences a woman to end a pregnancy, the physical, psychological, and spiritual side are real and are not always anticipated.
  • feelings of guilt, shame and grief become a heavy burden and many women feel that they will never be free, that no one understands, that God will never forgive them, but there is hope.
  • No fee, workbook included.
  • Multi-week event.
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