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What Abortion Alternatives Are Right for You in Coeur d’Alene?

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy often face many challenges, particularly women who are pro-life. But being pro-life doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be or are ready to be a parent. For other women, an unexpected pregnancy may present a different issue. Even if they are not pro-life, they may decide that abortion is not the right thing for them, or they may not be able to obtain an abortion legally. This is a difficult position if they are not ready to take on parenting responsibilities.

If you have an unexpected pregnancy but know that abortion is not a viable option for you, what alternatives are there? Thankfully, there are several. If you live in the Hayden or Coeur d’Alene area of northern Idaho, the Open Arms Real Choices Clinic team can help you investigate and evaluate abortion alternatives.


Most people know what adoption is but have only vague ideas of how adoption works. We can assure you that adoption is one of the best options for pregnant women who are unable or unwilling to undertake parenting responsibilities at the moment. Deciding to place your child with an adoptive family is difficult, but it can bring you great peace of mind knowing that you have been selfless in trying to give your baby the best life possible. 

Importantly, you should know that you have a great deal of influence on how you want the adoption process to work. For example, today, adoptions can be closed or open. In a closed adoption, the birth mother places her baby with an adoption agency, which will place the baby with a suitable family. Neither the adoptive parents nor the child will know who the mother is. However, in an open adoption, the mother has the option of participating in choosing the parents and can opt to maintain a limited relationship with the parents or even with the baby as the child grows up. In some cases, the mother can receive support for the healthcare expenses associated with pregnancy and childbirth.


Co-parenting may be another good option for pregnant women unwilling to terminate a pregnancy. By choosing co-parenting, you and your partner agree to raise the child together or to utilize help from a support group of friends and family. The choice to co-parent can turn an unexpected pregnancy into a blessing.

This option is especially important for men who want to be involved in their child’s life, even if they are not in a relationship with the mother. The choices made should be jointly decided by both parents.

Professional Support

Women who choose to keep a baby from an unexpected pregnancy may also be able to access professional support from their local community or the state government. Programs available at the community level will provide expectant mothers with learning resources, parenting classes, and other life skills required for new parents.

Community resources for expectant mothers can also include mental health counseling. Women who are unexpectedly pregnant may experience anxiety, depression, and other stress during and after the pregnancy. Seeking mental health counseling from community resources can help women cope with new parenting responsibilities or even help women work through difficulties associated with the adoption process.

Investigate Options Besides Abortion

For some women, facing an unexpected pregnancy is very difficult to cope with, and the stress of the situation can lead them to make a rash decision, like taking the abortion pill. However, they quickly realize that this option is not the right one. If you are in this situation, you can get help.

There is an antidote to the abortion pill if you act quickly enough – within 72 hours maximum, or better, within 24 hours – after taking the first dose of an abortion pill regimen. Reversing the abortion pill works by administering progesterone, the hormone your body naturally produces to support your pregnancy and which the abortion pill blocks. Abortion pill reversal can be done relatively quickly and easily. Speak to a professional about the details. 

Remember that nurturing and giving birth to your baby does not necessarily mean that you will have to bear the responsibilities of parenthood on your own. There are options for you, and finding the right alternative to abortion is essential. Please get in touch with Open Arms Real Choices Clinic today to speak with a representative and learn more about your options.

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