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A pregnant woman has three options. Not surprisingly, many women only consider two- carry and parent, or abort. The third option, adoption, is a difficult option for many women to consider. Many women will state that they do not believe in abortion, but they absolutely cannot fathom parenting at this time in their life. What this boils down to at the most basic level is that they consider that terminating their pregnancy by killing their baby is a better option than choosing life and choosing a loving family to raise their child. Yet,countless adopted children testify how grateful they are that their mother chose life for them. Countless childless parents are eternally grateful for the gift that was given to them when they hold their new baby in their arms.

Let’s consider a recently coined phrase- “Pro-life” doesn’t always mean “Pro-parent”. Do you know in the deepest part of your soul that abortion is wrong? Do you know in your heart of hearts that after your abortion you will suffer loss and depression? The statistics are very high here. Most women regret their choice to abort and go on to suffer from hopelessness and sadness.

These emotions carry on for years and can have negative lasting effects on future relationships. Abortion is final. Many women realize after their abortion that they have chosen a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If you believe that a baby is a person and that you will regret ending its life, consider the consequences of your abortion decision and consider the joy and relief felt when you have chosen life and love over fear! It is difficult to imagine right now, but try to think forward. Where do you see yourself in two years? Five years? Ten years? Just as the abortion option offers you the ability to go on with your plans, so does adoption. The only difference is that choosing adoption will give you a lifetime of relief and joy when you look back and consider what you might have done compared with what you have done. Pregnancy care clinics and resource centers are here to walk alongside you in your journey and to support you with love, compassion and resources.

Now let’s consider some pros and cons.

First, let’s look at some cons. It is hard to give your baby away. Your body goes through changes for several months. Delivery can be painful. You will have to share your baby with another family.

Now let’s look at some pros. You get to design and choose your baby’s family (Did you have a difficult life but desire better for your child?). You can receive money for living expenses. You help to create a family who IS prepared and waiting. You allow your baby to be born. You remain free to continue with your future plans. You can choose to be a part of your baby’s family without financial stress and worries.

There are many adoption agencies and plans. In today’s world, you, the birth mother, get to choose. You owe it to yourself to explore all of today’s options. There are “Birth Mother Advocates” who will work alongside you and work on your behalf to help you find your perfect plan.

Contact us if you would like to speak with a trained advocate who will listen to your heart and desires.

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