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Every day can be stressful when you are worried that you might be pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy. Taking a pregnancy test can give you an answer, but if you take one too soon, you risk receiving an inaccurate result, particularly if you use an over-the-counter pregnancy test. At the Open Arms Real Choices Clinic in Coeur d’Alene, you can get accurate pregnancy testing for free and also access helpful resources.

Free Pregnancy Testing in Kootenai County

Early detection pregnancy testing, such as the testing performed at Open Arms Real Choices Clinic, can detect pregnancy as soon as ten days after conception, but testing that early isn’t recommended. Since pregnancy testing works by detecting human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) levels in urine, testing too soon can produce a false negative. This hormone must have time to build up in your body.

To avoid the risk of receiving a negative result despite being pregnant, you can choose to wait for testing until your period is several days late. At this point, if your body is producing hCG, the levels will be high enough to give you an accurate result. If your cycle is consistent, testing three to four days after your missed period will give most women accurate results. If your period is irregular, you may want to wait a week or more past your anticipated start date.

If you believe you may be pregnant, schedule an appointment for no-cost pregnancy testing at Real Choices Clinic. We accept walk-ins when there is availability between patients, but making an appointment is the best way to ensure you can receive care on the day you desire. You’ll want to bring a photo ID to your appointment, but you do not need anything else, as the testing is free and confidential.

At the appointment, you will be asked to provide a urine sample for hCG testing. It will only take a few minutes for you to receive your results. If the testing indicates a positive result, our team can provide support and resources to help you decide how to proceed. All care is kept confidential, and our compassionate healthcare team can answer any questions you have.

Additional Services

Beyond free testing, Open Arms Real Choices also provides the following services:

Sexual Health Education: Our medical team offers judgment-free information if you have questions or concerns about sexual and reproductive health. Being able to make intelligent, evidence-based choices in your sex life will minimize your risk of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s).

Parenting Education: Support and education services for parents are available and provide the information you need to raise a happy, healthy child. Group classes, one-on-one meetings, and virtual sessions provide you with options to expand your parenting skills that work with your schedule.

Whether you are concerned you may be pregnant or have already verified your pregnancy; we can offer you a place to learn about the options available to you and to receive care. Don’t navigate this experience alone; contact Open Arms Real Choices Clinic today and talk to our caring team.

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