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At Open Arms Real Choices Clinic, we offer more than limited obstetric ultrasounds and lab quality pregnancy testing.  That’s because we’re more than just a “clinic”.  We’re real people, qualified and dedicated to helping you!

Patients come to see us for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps they’re taking one of our parenting or life skills classes or perhaps they’re seeking some community referrals and support. In either case, they can always find a supportive staff ready and waiting with open arms.

Most frequently, though, we see patients who may have worries or apprehensions about being pregnant.  Our team members understand this.  Many of them have been there themselves.  It’s very common to have feelings of fear and doubt when learning you’re pregnant.  That’s why it’s important to speak with people who can provide qualified, medically-current information and assistance.

Are You Pregnant And Alone?

You don’t have to go through an unplanned pregnancy all alone. Talk to an experienced advocate who will listen without judgment and offer the assistance and guidance you require. We can also connect you with community resources and support.

Do You Regret Taking The Abortion Pill?

If you’ve begun the chemical abortion process and are having regrets, it’s very important that you call this hotline as soon as possible:

(877) 558-0333

There is an effective process called abortion pill reversal that can reverse the effects of the abortion pill and allow you to continue your pregnancy, but time is of the essence.Thanks to the natural hormone progesterone, medical professionals can save up to 68% of pregnancies through the abortion prill reversal protocol – without any risk of birth defect!

Are You Seeking Support?

Real Choices Clinic offers a variety of no-cost support services to all of our patients. Whether you’re seeking post-abortive emotional support, or adoption resources and support, we’re here to help.

Adoption Support

Plan to carry your baby to term, but not to parent? Let our team help you connect to agencies and services to aid in your adoption plan, and we’ll walk with you through the process.

Sexual Abuse Support

Sexual abuse is a traumatic experience you can heal from. We offer support either individually or through groups, to give strength, guidance, and encouragement to overcome your past, and move towards a brighter tomorrow.

Post-Abortive Support

Abortions have life-altering consequences, negatively impacting one physically, mentally and spiritually. We have groups for both men and women to help you process, heal, and move on with your life.

No matter your situation, Real Choices Clinic offers judgment-free, compassionate support services that you deserve! Get connected into services for yourself, your partner, and your support system today. Contact Open Arms Real Choices Clinic in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

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