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If you’ve had an abortion in response to an unplanned pregnancy and are now struggling with the hurt, you’re not alone. Nearly a third of American women have had an abortion. 

Unfortunately, many women are never informed about the emotional and even physical trauma they can experience as a result of getting an abortion. If you are hurting from an abortion, hope and healing are possible. If you live in the Coeur d’Alene area, you can get the help you need at Open Arms Real Choices Clinic in Hayden.

Even for women who are not the least bit religious, an abortion can violate their personal moral code. Whenever you do something that you feel is wrong or that you are troubled about, you will naturally experience feelings of guilt. And when you feel guilty, you tend to avoid talking about things, lest others judge you. But the reality is that you are constantly judging yourself. If you are troubled about an abortion in your past, bottling things up inside is not good for your mental, physical, and emotional health. In addition to guilt, many women also commonly feel grief after an abortion, which is also natural: it is natural to grieve when something we once had is gone forever.

For that matter, even women who think themselves pro-choice find themselves less sure of their position when they are the ones who have to make the choice. Suddenly, the decision does not seem so clear or so easy. For women who believe getting an abortion is a perfectly fine choice, it can be profoundly upsetting and confusing to feel guilt or grief. For these women, they may feel ever more isolated over time as it seems there’s nowhere to turn: they fear that those who oppose abortion will judge them for having gotten one, and those who favor abortion will judge them, too, for having the “wrong” feelings about their abortion. Where can you find support and understanding?

Signs You Need Healing and Help

The stress of holding on to these feelings of guilt and grief usually causes recognizable symptoms common to trauma victims. The symptoms can include:

  • Self-destructive behaviors, like turning to drugs or alcohol or developing an eating disorder
  • Constant flashbacks and reliving the abortion
  • Nightmares about the abortion
  • Anxiety
  • Physical symptoms, like headaches and insomnia
  • A feeling of emotional numbness and inability to build relationships

These symptoms are common in women who have had abortions because, too often, they never come to terms with their abortion experience. Trying to avoid thinking about it is like a wound that festers, never getting the proper attention and care necessary for healing. If you are in this situation and want to end this cycle, you have to find a way to move beyond the experience. We can help you build a more positive future.

Terminating an Unplanned Pregnancy: It Hurts Men, Too

When it comes to abortion harms, too often, fathers are overlooked. While some men pressure their partners to have an abortion in response to an unwanted pregnancy, it’s also true that women have no legal responsibility to inform their partners before getting an abortion. Some men only find out they have fathered a child after the child is already gone, which can cause immense psychological trauma and distress. 

In other cases, men support their partners getting an abortion, believing it is unfair to have a say in the decision, despite their misgivings. This can lead to regret and shame for not stepping up to their responsibilities, particularly when they see their girlfriends or wives suffer from the pain of their abortion. At Open Arms, there is hope and help for men, too.

Finding Hope and Healing in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

You don’t have to struggle endlessly with the feelings an abortion brings. We want to help you learn about the free forgiveness you can experience and how God grieves with you, understands your loss and feelings, and offers you genuine hope. You are not alone, and we offer counseling and group support services that can help.

Don’t live with loneliness, grief, and guilt any longer. Reach out to us at  Open Arms Real Choices Clinic today and start a new, hopeful chapter in your life.

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