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Open Arms Real Choices Clinic offers several comprehensive services at no cost to the patient. For pregnant moms, these services are an integral part of early pregnancy healthcare. And,at Open Arms Real Choices Clinic, you’ll get more than just a pregnancy test. You’ll get the advocacy that you need during this important time.

What To Do First

If you think you may be pregnant, the first step is to verify the pregnancy. Laboratory quality pregnancy tests are offered confidentially and at no cost to you when you visit Open Arms Real Choices Clinic.

Once a pregnancy is verified by a lab quality urine test, a limited obstetric ultrasound is offered to diagnose your pregnancy. This ultrasound provides you, the mother, vital information including verification of the placement of your developing baby in your uterus, a more exact gestational age, and viewing of your baby’s heartbeat. These are important diagnostics that some clinics do not make available. For those considering abortion, the limited ultrasound is an essential for the safety of the mother.

Pregnancy starts with a fertilized egg attaching to the lining of the uterus. If that fertilized egg attaches and grows outside the main cavity of the uterus an ectopic pregnancy occurs. If left untreated, the ectopic pregnancy becomes life threatening to the mother. Confirming that the pregnancy is located in the uterus is imperative. Real Choices Clinic offers a limited obstetric ultrasound with each pregnancy test verification when medically appropriate.

More Than Just Tests

Your holistic health and well-being are a primary goal in Open Arms Real Choices Clinic’s provision of no-cost pregnancy services. Each visit includes an opportunity for advocacy/counseling. Advocates and medical personnel offer confidential, informative and timely support to each of our patients which may include relevant resources and referrals, emotional support, and evidence-based information on any options you are considering. We believe that education empowers women.

How We Can Help

Do you think you might be pregnant? Call our office or schedule an appointment. Undecided about your pregnancy or considering abortion? We are here to offer more than just a pregnancy test and ultrasound. You will receive information, education, and support no matter where you are on your journey.

Additional Services Available:

  • Community Referrals
    Need something that we don’t offer? Ask us for great local resources and referrals.
  • Support Groups
    Are you struggling with an abortion in your past? Ready to talk with someone? We know after an abortion, life can be difficult for women and men. If you feel you need help getting through this tough time, please come in or schedule an appointment. Our staff are non-judgmental and caring.
  • Sexual Health
    There are a lot of things to consider when having sex. Be informed so you can make the best decision. Not just for today, but for your future.
  • For Men
    Recently learned that you are going to become a father? This could be a confusing time for you. That reality may take time to embrace. We can help.
  • Vital Information
    Take a look at our online library of vital information covering subjects like: child development, health during pregnancy, options and next steps, relationship tips and more. These digital booklets are also available in print form, free of charge, at the Open Arms Clinic.
  • Parenting Education
    What can you expect during your pregnancy? How to prepare for your baby’s arrival? Our parenting classes will answer questions and allow you to earn many safety approved childcare items.
  • Adoption Support
    Not prepared to parent? Modern adoption allows you to choose the family of your choice to give your baby the life you are not prepared to provide. Our volunteers would be happy to discuss this loving option with you and support you during this time.

Our clinic’s services are both educational and supportive. And remember, any information you share will be kept strictly confidential unless mandatory reporting is required by Idaho law. It’s our goal to provide a safe and empowering space for you to learn and be healthy.

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