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Protecting your health and legal rights is your responsibility and in order to do so, it is important to know what your rights are as the patient. Here at Open Arms Real Choice Clinic, our goal is to empower women to know their rights, especially with an abortion procedure. 

You have the RIGHT…

To insist that your abortion can only be performed by a licensed physician.

You have the RIGHT…

To know the medical malpractice history of your physician and to know whether his or her license to practice medicine has ever been suspended or revoked. 

You have the RIGHT…

To know if this doctor has an insurance policy that will protect you in case you are injured or killed during this procedure.

You have the RIGHT…

To be immediately transferred by ambulance to the nearest emergency hospital or trauma center if you are injured during your abortion procedure.

You have the RIGHT…

Not to have an abortion. Regardless of your age, marital status or any other factor, no one has the legal right to make you have an abortion. If anyone tries to force you into this decision against your will, contact us at 2086675433. 

Other RIGHTS Within Healthcare

American patients have rights that are granted and enforced by law such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This includes ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information. It also protects against any potential threats to the security of the information or impermissible uses or disclosures of your information. There are also other rights from ethical practices of medicine and basic human rights established in our healthcare system. 

You have the RIGHT

  1. To be treated with respect
  2. Obtain your medical records
  3. Privacy of your medical records
  4. To make a treatment of choice
  5. Informed Consent (the physician is required to provide clear expectations of the risks and benefits of your procedure)
  6. To refuse treatment
  7. To make decisions about end-of-life care

Additional Information

In early stages of pregnancy, it is possible for an abortion to be done by chemical means commonly known as the “Abortion Pill.” This is called a “Medical Abortion” and it is important to be aware that abortion providers often reduce their cost of doing these procedures by not following all of the drug manufacturer’s guidelines. This increases the risk for severe injury or death. The abortion procedure itself also can cause life-threatening injuries that may not be apparent at the time of the procedure. 

Many people that get abortions are unaware of their rights as patients. It is our goal to empower you to know your rights in order to make an informed decision for you and your health. We’re here to help.  If you feel your rights are not being considered, or if you’re questioning the quality of your prenatal care, schedule an appointment with us today. We offer several no-cost services that protect your rights every step of the way!


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