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Here at Open Arms Real Choices Clinic, we offer life skills classes to teach and educate you on how to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of pregnancy. Life skills are simply abilities for adaptive and positive behavior in the face of life challenges. Learning these skills will help you make big decisions, communicate effectively with your partner, develop coping skills with your surrounding circumstances, in this case pregnancy, and manage yourself in a way that leads to overall success. 

There are four goals we focus on as we teach our life skills classes.

  1. Defeat Problems

Our healthy-relationship lessons can aid you and your partner in identifying the deep-seated issues affecting your relationship, find out what you can do to resolve disagreements, and learn how to work as a team. Getting to the root of these issues can defeat potential problems that may arise when raising a child. Healthy relationships are key to successful parenting and individual well-being!

  1. Nourish Communication

Open and healthy communication is a key life skill. We will teach you how to communicate with your partner in a healthy and effective way. Good communication brings people together and closer to one another which is essential when raising a child. Bringing a baby into the world is a huge life change and good, healthy communication can make for the best experience.

  1. Strengthen Teamwork

A healthy family requires a strong partnership. In our classes, we teach how to share responsibilities and work together towards being a fulfilling and supportive couple. This ties in with communication skills we teach as well. 

  1. Overcome Challenges

As new parents, there’s a lot to learn. We will help you understand the challenges that may arise in parenthood and be prepared to tackle them. Our relationship lessons help you co-parent your child and become each other’s support system.

Final Thoughts

These focus points that we teach in our life skills classes are not the only skills important for creating healthy individual and partnership well-being. Other common life skills that would help you thrive in parenting are learning self-awareness, critical thinking strategy for problems that may arise, decision making, problem solving, empathy for one another, and healthy coping skills for emotions and stress.

Our mission is to help you and your family overcome obstacles that stand in the way of becoming the best parents you can be, strengthen your relationship and learn how to face the countless challenges that come with parenthood. 

If you recognize a need for further education, schedule your appointment with us today!

You can go to our website https://openarms3.wpengine.com/ and click the “life skills” tab at the top. If you scroll down the page you will see a “make an appointment” tab where you can schedule your visit with us. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms!

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