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When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. While some women might immediately consider abortion as their only option, it’s essential to know that there are alternative avenues for support and assistance.

Pregnancy resource clinics, also known as crisis pregnancy centers, provide a variety of services to help women navigate the challenges of unexpected motherhood. These centers offer various services, many of which are free or low-cost, to empower women and provide them with the support they need during this critical time in their lives.

Here are some typical services offered by pregnancy resource clinics. If you reside in North Idaho, you can access all these services at Open Arms Real Choices Clinic in Hayden, Idaho.

  • Pregnancy Testing: One of the most fundamental services is no-cost pregnancy testing. If you suspect you might be pregnant, these centers can provide accurate and confidential tests to confirm your pregnancy. These tests are of higher quality than over-the-counter tests available at the drugstore, and you won’t have to worry about whether you did the test wrong.


  • STI Testing: Sexual health is crucial, and many of these centers offer free or low-cost sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing. These tests are available if you are sexually active, whether or not you may be pregnant. If you are pregnant, it is vital to address any potential STI concerns during your pregnancy. STI testing at Open Arms is no-cost to the patient. 


  • Limited Obstetric Ultrasounds: Some pregnancy resource clinics can offer limited obstetric ultrasounds to confirm the gestational age and viability of your pregnancy. This information is necessary for making informed decisions about the future. This test can also help pinpoint any issues, such as an ectopic pregnancy, that may require medical attention.


  • Counseling: Facing an unplanned pregnancy is often emotionally challenging. These centers typically provide compassionate and nonjudgmental counseling services to help you explore your options and provide emotional support during this critical time.


  • Classes and Education: Many pregnancy resource clinics offer classes and educational resources addressing topics such as prenatal care, childbirth, parenting, and life skills. These classes can equip women and their partners with the knowledge and skills they need to feel confident in their role as parents.


  • Baby Supplies: Raising a child can be financially demanding, and pregnancy resource clinics often offer baby supplies such as diapers, clothing, formula, and other essentials. These resources can alleviate some of the financial burdens that come with parenting.


  • Support Groups: Joining a support group can be a valuable source of emotional support and connection with other women who have experienced or are currently going through a similar situation. These groups provide young women a safe space to share their feelings and experiences and are also a great place to make new friends who can support one another.


  • Adoption Counseling: If you are considering placing your baby with an adoptive family, pregnancy resource clinics can provide information and support for making an adoption plan. They can connect you with reputable adoption agencies and guide you through the adoption process.


  • Adoption Resources: These centers often have resources for both birth parents and adoptive families. They can provide information about the different options, such as open and closed adoptions, the legal process involved, and providing post-placement support.


These services provide support, education, and guidance without pushing any particular agenda. Women facing unplanned pregnancies have choices, and pregnancy resource clinics are there to ensure that these women have the information and support they need to make the best decisions for their unique situations.

Pregnancy resource centers can be found across the United States, with many clinics operating in communities large and small. You can easily find a pregnancy resource clinic near you by searching online or consulting local directories. These centers are usually staffed by trained professionals committed to providing confidential, nonjudgmental care.

As noted above, many pregnancy resource clinics offer services free of charge or at a significantly reduced cost. This is possible because many, including Open Arms Real Choices Clinic, are supported by donations from members of the local community who want young women to have real choices. 

These centers exist to make essential resources accessible to as many women as possible, regardless of their financial circumstances, so that they do not feel pressured into choosing abortion. A choice is only meaningful if you believe you have options, and our organization is ready to provide you with the support and information you need to make the best decision for your unique situation. You don’t have to face this challenging time alone.

If you’re in the northern five counties of Idaho, including the communities of Hayden, Coeur d’Alene, Rathdrum, and Post Falls, and need support and help during an unplanned pregnancy, reach out to Open Arms Real Choices Clinic today.


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