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Finding out you’re pregnant can bring on a wide range of emotions. You might be excited to bring a new life into the world. You might be nervous or even a little scared. Either way, there’s likely some questions whirling through your mind right now:

Is this real?
How do I share the news?
Who do I tell first?
How many people do I tell?
When is the right time?
How will they respond?
What do I need?
Am I ready to be a mother?
Am I really pregnant?
Now what?

No matter the questions or the feelings that come with them, a preborn baby is growing inside of you, and there are some important steps that you can begin to take, starting now.

If you have been planning and waiting for this moment, your options seem obvious – keep the baby! Unfortunately, that is not every woman’s response. Many feel fearful or alone. Others are unsure if it’s really true that they’re pregnant. That’s why the most important first step is to verify the pregnancy by visiting a women’s health clinic.

Once you’ve confirmed a pregnancy, the voice of our culture may resound in your mind, encouraging abortion. But there are other options that are far better for both you and your baby’s overall health and well-being. If a pregnant woman has taken the abortion pill within the last few days, but regrets her decision, there is hope! The Abortion Reversal Pill is highly effective if taken within 72 hours of taking it, and can effectively reverse the abortion. Adoption is another option that is highly respectable and encouraged. This loving option provides incredible opportunities for you and your baby. The preborn baby inside you deserves the same right to life that we all enjoy.

As you prepare to bring a new life into the world, it can be daunting to figure out how to tell friends and family.

However you decide to break the news, consider telling people who you know will be supportive first. Your emotions may be running high and the whole reality of pregnancy is still new. Having people speak life and excitement during this transitional time is vital, especially at the start. Even though you may predict the way family and close friends will respond, protect your heart and prepare for their responses. They may be surprised and shocked just like you are.

As you share this news, the reality slowly sinks in and you’ll continue to process the news even more. It’s time to make some preparations.

Write Out A Birth Plan:
One great way to prepare for pregnancy is to write out a birth plan on your own or with your partner. Do you want to go to the hospital? Have a midwife? Even though only so much is in your control, this is a helpful way to take control of the preparation process. Open Arms Real Choices Clinic offers a variety of no-cost parenting classes that offer educational support from birth through childhood.

This may seem obvious, but it is a vital step when preparing for your baby. Communicating your thoughts, feelings, and emotions is great for you. It’s important to allow space for your partner to do the same. It is also great to talk to other parents and mothers who have experience with childbirth and parenting! Absorb all of the tips, tricks, and understanding that you might need.

It is common in our culture to have a baby shower. This is a great idea to allow other people to sow into your future by gifting you with items your baby will need. Seeing those cute little clothes is good medicine for a soon-to-be mother’s soul. Make sure to stock up on the essentials for baby care. Open Arms Clinic has a boutique for expectant mothers to pick out items they may need for themselves or their babies – all at no cost to you. You can visit our clinic at:

1800 Lincoln Way
Suite 201
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

Pack A Birth Bag:
As you get closer and closer to the end of your pregnancy, labor could happen at any time and you want to be prepared. Pack a hospital bag with the things you need for labor and after birth. Consider bringing: your birth plan, an old nightdress or T-shirt, massage oil or lotion, snacks you prefer, books, magazines (etc.) to help you pass the time, and of course, diapers, a cute going home outfit, a blanket, and a safety rated car seat for that new, little babe. Open Arms Clinic is happy to help with car seat safety, too!

Self Care:
You are going to be busy preparing to bring a human into the world and so it is extremely important to not neglect yourself in the process. Be honest with what you are feeling. Don’t deny your emotions or feel shame for thinking/feeling certain things. It’s okay to acknowledge any feelings of fear or uncertainty. Admit them in honesty, address them, talk about them, and then push through them. Communicating and outward processing with trusted individuals is an essential key in staying positive and in a posture of hope.

Having grace for yourself in a season of extreme change can save a lot of unnecessary anxiety and pressure. Your body is changing. Your hormones are shifting. You might need help. You don’t have to be Wonderwoman. Talking to trained professionals about all of these things can really help keep you grounded. The staff at Open Arms is always available to help.

Plan Ahead:
There are some things you can do before the baby arrives to help things go smoothly when you come home.

  • Arrange for extra help after giving birth
  • Wash your baby’s clothes and bedding before coming home
  • Stock up the house with groceries so you don’t have to take trips to the store
  • Have your friend to set up a meal train
  • Clean the house so it’s comfortable and homey
  • Have special bonding time with your older children to prepare them for a new addition to the family

Finding out you’re pregnant really can bring a wide range of emotions. None of those feelings have to be experienced alone! You have a trained staff of loving professionals ready and waiting with open arms. Reach out to one of us today! We’re here for you.

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