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Most pregnancy tests claim to be over 99% accurate. While that is reassuring, you can still get a false positive or negative result. If you’ve done at-home pregnancy testing and received inconclusive results, contact Open Arms Real Choices Clinic in the Hayden/Coeur d’Alene area in northern Idaho. We can administer a medical-grade pregnancy test, and based on those results, we may conduct an ultrasound to provide you with a definitive answer to how far along you are and if your pregnancy is viable.

The pregnancy tests you buy at the pharmacy or supermarket are accurate. However, errors are possible, and women can obtain false results for several reasons, including failing to perform the test correctly. The test measures hCG — often called “the pregnancy hormone.” If you take the test too early in pregnancy, it is possible to get a false negative if your level of hCG is not yet high enough. Alternatively, if you get pregnant but have a spontaneous miscarriage, the test may give you a false positive because, even though you are no longer pregnant, you may still have a high level of hCG.

In addition, there may be a problem with the test itself. Pregnancy tests shouldn’t be exposed to temperatures cooler than 36°F or hotter than 86°F and shouldn’t be used after the expiration date. If you have taken a home pregnancy test and are getting inconclusive results, contact Open Arms Real Choices Clinic and let trained professionals help you better understand your pregnancy. 

Your Pregnancy Test is Positive: What Now?

When young women come into our facility for a pregnancy test, they strongly feel they are pregnant. In many cases, that turns out to be true. When you discover that you have an unplanned pregnancy, it is natural to feel a bit worried or even scared or upset, especially if you are not in a good family or financial situation. The news may take some time to sink in, but remember that community resources are available. At Open Arms Real Choices Clinic, we are here for you, whether you need tangible assistance or just someone to listen or to walk you through your feelings. You can speak to us freely and confidentially about your situation, find out about your options, and decide how you want to move forward.

How to Access Help in Coeur d’Alene 

Accessing supportive services is easy and free. To start, if you are getting conflicting answers from a home pregnancy test, come and see us. You can schedule an appointment directly on our website or call us and book one over the phone. We offer counseling from Monday to Thursday, but there is also an emergency hotline, so you can get help 24/7 if you feel afraid and you’re struggling to cope.

If you’ve taken pregnancy tests and received different results, come to the clinic and have a no-cost medical-grade test accomplished. Contact us at Open Arms Real Choices Clinic to book your appointment.

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