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An unplanned pregnancy can be stressful, especially if you don’t feel ready to have a child. You might have a lot of questions about your options and the next stepsOpen Arms Real Choices Clinic is here to offer support for expectant parents.

1. What Are My Options?

If you are young or in a challenging season of life, you may feel that there are no good options.  But this may not be true. Adoption can be a positive option for parents who are unable to care for a  child on their own. If you would like to learn about modern adoption, contact us.  If you choose to carry and parent your child, we can help you learn about parenting.  Our no-cost pregnancy, parenting and  life skills classes have helped hundreds of people prepare for this life changing moment.

Women in high school or college often require help from family and friends as well as from the local pregnancy clinic. Just because you didn’t plan for a baby during this season doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed with a baby. After choosing life for their unplanned baby, many families and single parents have stated  that they are thankful that they chose life, and have gone on to have successful futures.  

2. Where Can I Turn for Help?

One of the best ways of processing an unexpected pregnancy is to surround yourself with a strong support network. After you discover you are pregnant, speak to your family and to your partner. If they have been supportive of you for years, it’s likely that they will continue.

At Open Arms Real Choices Clinic,  we are here to offer support  no matter what your circumstances are. Out trained advocates will listen to your concerns and help meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs in a non-judgmental setting.  We want to listen to you.

3. What Actions Do I Need to Take Now?

A positive pregnancy test result may not indicate that you are currently pregnant. Before you make a hasty decision, make an appointment with us for a lab-quality pregnancy test. We may offer an ultrasound to confirm whether you’re really or not you are expecting a child

Once you know for sure, we can work with you to review resources that can help you decide what to do next. Some steps might include speaking to the father or to your parents, deciding whether to raise the child or to create an adoption plan, or preparing for a healthy pregnancy and birth.  We will support you, whatever your decision.

Becoming pregnant before you’re ready can be scary, but there are people and resources in the community that can help you and your child have a successful start.  Get in touch with us now at Open Arms Real Choices Clinic in Coeur d’Alene to connect with counselors and support groups that can come alongside you and support you in your pregnancy, our professionals will be happy to listen to your concerns, present your options and work with you to create a personalized care plan.

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